Minimalist wedding dress in white crepe.

Elegant and understated, Ettie is the essence of a minimalist wedding dress. Tailored from Swiss crepe, its slender silhouette features simple lines and a dramatic V in the back. A sweep train adds a touch of modern flair to this timeless gown.

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Minimalist wedding dress with V-back neckline.
Minimalist wedding dress with lace trimmed veil.

Ettie: A Minimalist Wedding Dress for the Modern Bride

If you’re a bride in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand looking for a minimalist yet elegant style, meet Ettie. This dress seamlessly blends understated elegance with modern sensibilities, designed for those who appreciate less being more.
Crafted from premium materials, Ettie offers a comfortable, flattering fit. The dress stands out for its clean lines and simplistic form, serving as a versatile base that invites personal accessorizing, or none at all. The choice is yours.
In our photos, you’ll see Ettie styled in a streamlined silhouette, but the dress is versatile enough to accommodate your individual tastes. This adaptability ensures Ettie fits seamlessly into your special day, however you choose to style it.
What sets Ettie apart is its focus on comfort without sacrificing style. The fabric feels as good as it looks, offering a luxurious feel that lasts from the ceremony to the reception. Its simple elegance is accentuated by a tailored fit that highlights the natural beauty of the bride.
Ettie has gained considerable attention online, especially on Pinterest where it has garnered thousands of views and many shares, making it a standout in the minimalist wedding dress genre.
If you’re on the hunt for a wedding dress that encapsulates minimalist design while providing room for personal touches, Ettie might just be the dress for you.
For further inspiration, be sure to visit our Pinterest page. And if you find that Ettie matches your wedding vision, we invite you to share it with others who may also appreciate its minimalist appeal.